Mill Spun Yarn- Fibers First

Mill spun yarns are all processed at Fibers First Inc. in Post Falls, Idaho. The fiber comes from animals raised in loving farms in the Pacific Northwest. The process to make yarn can take a lot of time. The farmer has to let the fleece grow on the animals for at least six months and up to two years. The shearer normally comes by and gives the animals a yearly haircut. The fiber then travels to the mill in Post Falls where it is skirted, where if the farmers don’t skirt the fleeces we take off all the yuck, poop, straw and also matted or short fibers. Fibers are all bagged and labeled and now sent to the wash plant in Harrison, Idaho. We wash in very hot water until clean and then laid out to dry. When the fiber is dry we bag and transport the cleaned fiber back to the mill. At the mill the fiber is picked, carded, pindrafted, spun, wound into skeins and dyed if desired. There are many steps in this process and we also had to decide if it will be 100% or a blend, the size of yarn, size of skein and natural or dyed.